Time Stands Still in Ile de Re, France

For as long as I can remember, my entire family would rent neighboring houses in the small town of Ars in the Ile de Re, France. We started coming here because my grandfather (who published the Babar the Elephant series) became very close with Laurent de Brunhoff and my family formed a close friendship his first wife Marie-Claude Bloch (who outlived de Brunoff by years, making the town of Ars en Re her home.) Ile de Re will be forever engraved in my memory, and every time I am lucky enough to return, it is as if nothing has changed (the island of Re is the same even though this video was shot in 2012.) The only thing that has changed is the fact that I am now older. Think of the Island of Re to Parisians the way New Yorkers think of the Hampton’s. There are very few tourists, as the island consists primarily of wealthy summer homes. Conde Nast Traveller says “If you want to rediscover life’s simple pleasures, head for the Ile de RĂ©, France’s favorite holiday island.” Re is most famous for its oysters, salt marshes and epic farmers markets. For more pictures and the full Conde Nast article click here.

xxx Allie