Escape to Big Sur and Stay in a Yurt at Treebones Resort

Travel down highway 1 from San Francisco a few hours and you will end up in Big Sur. If you leave on a Friday, stay the night in Carmel (my favorite restaurant there is an old-school French joint called L’escargot — highly recommend) and also enjoy the “17 mile drive” through Pebble Beach. Located along the Pacific Ocean, Treebones resort if famous (besides for it’s obviously breathtaking views) for it’s ocean-view yurts, Wild Coast Restaurant and, who would have guessed, a sushi bar. Not a fan of camping? No fears, you won’t be slumming it in these yurts, you can still feel like you are in a tent sleeping under the stars, but you have all the comforts and amenities of a luxury cabin. FYI – You will probably want to book ahead.