A Fantasy Comes Alive at the Explora Lodge in the Atacama Desert

Located in San Pedro at the foothills of the Andes in Chile, Atacama is known as one of the driest places on Earth. A few years ago my family and I did a joint trip, where we stayed first at the Explora Lodge in Atacama, and then at the Explora Lodge in Patagonia. When we landed in the Atacama desert, we exchanged glances of awe, as if we had been transported to another planet, or back in time to when the earth was a much simpler place. However, upon arriving at the Explora lodge, you are immersed into an atmosphere of pure luxury in a hidden oasis. The Explora Lodge “actively seeks disconnection from everyday routine, which is why our rooms are not equipped with televisions or Wi-Fi, which is only available in the lodge’s common areas.” This is the perfect family or honeymoon retreat for a week or more. Visit the website:
xxx Allie