House of Air: Real Life Dodge Ball at this Trampoline Park for Adults and Kids Alike

If you have ever seen the movie “Dodge Ball,” you will appreciate this trampoline park House of Air, located in San Francisco’s Presidio. Every now and then even the most mature adults like to let loose, and the best way to do so, (at least in my humble opinion,) is to revert back to my childhood. Enter The House of Air. If you are over 20 years old, the moment you enter you are transformed back to the days of gymnastic themed birthday parties and yes, dodgeball. While House of Air offers more than just dodgeball (regardless of your age) on trampolines, yesterday I was lucky enough to engage in the sport, which was not only tons of fun, but also a great workout. You don’t even realize you are exercising until you wake up the next morning and your limbs are sore. And yes, I got my butt kicked by 11 year olds. Surprise, Surprise.
Hope you enjoy the video (unfortunately I was eliminated, so I had the pleasure of filming my two friends take part in this competitive game.)
xxx Allie