Harvesting Fleur de Sel de l’Île de Ré (French Sea Salt)

With something as simple as salt, it is easy to assume there is no difference in taste or texture. However, there is all the difference in the world and many believe that naturally harvested sea salt (Fleur de Sel) de l’Île de Ré in France really is the best the world has to offer. Harvested on a small island off the coast of western France, l’Île de Ré is world famous for its saltmaking villages and accomplished sauniers (“saltmakers”.) “The Fleur de Sel de l’Île de Ré is refined and subtle in taste with a faint rose tint and almost imperceptible scent of violets.” It’s fine crystals give the salt a silky texture that is mild and delicate, with the slightest hint of brine. The Fleur de Sel de l’Île de Ré is harvested in a labor-intensive way in which seawater is passed through a network of dikes and ponds. Sauniers wait for warm, windy days to harvest the salt by raking the purest, whitest layer off the top to make what many consider to be the finest salt in the world. But don’t worry, you don’t need to fly to France to get your hands on this sought after seasoning. All it takes is a quick visit to The Meadow , either online or in New York City’s West Village, and you can purchase as much Fleur de Sel de l’Île de Ré as your heart and tastebuds desire.

xxxx Allie