Food52: How to Prep Corn

This video taken from the blog Food52.

“Think of sweet corn as your endlessly accommodating, warm-weather friend. It longs to do what you want — whether you’re craving salad or chowder or ice cream. If you like, it’ll get all dressed up with clams, but it’s equally happy on the cob, with just a pat of butter and a sprinkle of salt. In return, corn asks only one thing of you: prep it right.

We’ve spent many a messy hour readying those unassuming ears. Our kitchens have become minefields of flying kernels and renegade cobs. But this spring, we’re doing things a little differently. With a few kitchen hacks, our Assistant Editor Marian and Community Manager Catherine show us how to easily take corn from the husk to the table. Grab a knife and a bundt pan — here’s how to shuck, boil, and roast your corn all season long.” Thanks for the tips!