Solid & Striped: Love Everything About Them…THANK YOU ISAAC!

My friend Isaac Ross is brilliant. I remember several years back he told me about his idea to create a really simple yet chic line of swim wear for men, simply trunks that are either solid or striped. At first I was like Okkkk….but why will this succeed and what will make it stand out? Well that was a stupid question for me to ask, because it seems like over night he has created a chic, sexy and high-end luxury line of swim wear for both men and women alike. I just ordered my first two swim suites about 20 minutes ago…the Sophie Top and Bottom in pearl and the Anne-Marie one piece in Bright Blue & Off White. I have to admit it took me a while to finally give in to buying these trendy yet stylish and chic swim suits (mainly because 1. I haven’t worn a one-piece since swim class in sixth grade, and 2. because why spend $150 when you can obviously find way cheeper brands.) BUT I finally gave into my temptation and it feels SOOOOO good!!! Ok, yeah I am a girl so obviously I bought suits for chicks, but I have to say, I REALLY LOVE the guys trunks, especially The Classic Las Brisas Stripe (preferably in vintage red & blue and the Water Mill Stripe in Midnight & White.) Any guy wearing these trunks gain 10 extra “hot” points in my book. And as a girl, I mean I have nothing else to say but THANK YOU for making me feel sexy in a one-piece for once, instead of the 12 year old boy look I had become so familiar with I avoided one-piece swim suits altogether. Isaac, you are a genius…design, marketing, and everything beyond, so thank you!

xxxx Allie