Freda Salvador’s Funky, Classic, Cool Boutique: A Hidden Gem on Union Street

Freda Salvador’s flagship store is a hidden gem on the second floor of a building on Union Street in the Marina. It’s so uniquely cool, I almost don’t want to share this, but the other day when I asked Nis where she got her awesome boots and she answered “Freda…you will be OBSESSED” I had to go check it out for myself. Walk inside and you are immediately filled with vibes of curiosity: new-age-pop meets classic-old-school-funk. The women behind the brand are personable, friendly and you will always be treated like the special customer you are. For example, I walked in yesterday for the first time after several months and the woman behind the counter immediately remembered the tattoo I have on my foot. And the shoes are TO DIE FOR! Classic yet creatively edgy, kind of rock n’ roll styles of flats and incredibly comfortable heels, casual but incredibly cool. So, if you’re into high-quality, cool footwear, you will tempted to buy every shoe in the shop (so beware if you are watching your wallet.) There you have it. The secret revealed. Enjoy.

xxxx Allie

Music for this video is the song “Diamonds” by The Henry Millers