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Nisreen Gardner has a lot going on, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. You know what they say:

“A busy life is a happy life.” As Brand President for TeedHaze at their Sotheby’s Lifestyle Store, Nisreen builds a beautiful, inspirational brand using her creativity and keen ability to connect with people. She also dedicates a great deal of her life to philanthropy, bettering the lives of women and children through charities such as The Lunchbox Fund, Raphael House, UNICEF, and Hoops 4 Hope. Through the Charlie Gardner Collection, Nisreen sets out to find a way to give back to those in need. Taking advantage of people’s unique sense of taste and smell – the human sense most powerfully connected to memory – and combining that with a goal of raising global awareness, she creates uniquely scented candles and artisanal food products, the profits of which go to assisting disadvantaged communities overseas.

Nisreen remains close at heart to her birth country, collaborating on a project to celebrate South Africa’s 20 years of democracy. The project accessories are designed using the original fence from the place of Nelson Mandela’s imprisonment, Robben Island. This project best exemplifies her sense of aesthetic – a melding of great design alongside a strong sense of social responsibility.

Nisreen approaches all projects similarly with this creativity. After falling in love with wine country, she has recently begun to embark on property development. But, even when working with plans in Real Estate, she believes in sustainable design, having worked on several environmentally friendly initiatives within the beauty space. After all, she believes that a little more beauty in the world benefits everyone, especially if it’s a safer and more sustainable beauty for all.

Contributing Editors

Allison Bernstein: Contributing Lifestyle Editor

alllieAllie Bernstein graduated from Brown University, where she majored in Development Studies with a focus on the public health and rights of women and youth in South Africa. Human rights has been an underlying influence in Allie’s life since she was a young child. Her earliest family memories include sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table with dissidents from around the world and their various translators. Allie says that her biggest role model is her grandfather, Robert L. Bernstein, who served as the President and CEO of Random House for 25 years before he went on to become the Founding Chair of Human Rights Watch in 1973. Allie credits her love of writing and her creative/ADD way of thinking to her grandfather, who always tells people “I’m trying to change the world, but the world is resisting,” or “Never worry what other people think of you because they probably aren’t thinking of you at all.” (Along with many other catch phrases.) During her time at Brown, Allie spent a year in Cape Town, South Africa, where she worked for an organization called Hoops4Hope, which teaches basketball and life skills to under privileged youth. The following summer she met Nisreen co-chairing a charity party for Hoops4Hope in the Hamptons, and it was love at first sight – the birthing of soul sisters. After graduating from Brown, Allie worked as an Assistant to Charlie Rose and then as a producer for Bloomberg Television and Radio for four years in New York City, before deciding to escape the cold New York winters and move to San Francisco to work with her African Cheetah Soul Sister Lil’ Niz.